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10 ways to get the most out of a virtual conference

EMS training via online meetingsAs fire and EMS training and events move to an online experience, follow these tips to maximize your socially distanced education and networking.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still sweeping the nation, many conference host organizations have cancelled their in-person events and opted for a socially distanced online experience instead.

The Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum, EMS World Expo and Fire-Rescue International conferences will all be virtual events this year (click on each to follow our coverage). Instead of booking your flights and hotel reservations, read these 10 tips for getting the most out of your next virtual conference.

1. Be in the moment - Although you won’t be in the room with a speaker, try to dedicate your time and attention to the online session. It may be tempting to multitask, since you’ll be on your computer, but it’s best to schedule time specifically for the sessions you want to attend. Put your phone on silent, turn off email notifications and limit distractions so you are able to pay attention and get the most out of the conference.

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